Open Day Sunday Oct 7th, 11.00 to 12.30pm

John Scottus Montessori and Primary School

Enrolling now for September 2019

Welcome to John Scottus Primary and Secondary School, Old Conna – a new private primary and secondary school for girls and boys  for South Dublin / North Wicklow. 

John Scottus aims for our pupils to flourish both personally and academically so they can develop their gifts and contribute creatively to the world around them. 


At John Scottus School, we provide children with a rich learning environment and an excellent education that is underpinned by our five core values of Unity, Spirituality, Spirit of Enquiry, Service and Love. The opening of the Secondary School in Old Conna in 2017 marks our 31st year in spiritual ethos-based education, with our existing  primary and secondary schools having run successfully in the heart of Dublin 4 since 1986.

An education at John Scottus helps a child discover their true nature and grow up with a sense of confidence in themselves and awareness of their potential, academically and personally. In this setting, we foster competency in listening, speaking, reading, writing and numeracy to the best ability of each child and at their own pace.

Ethos based education

John Scottus School is multi-denominational and we welcome those of all faiths and those of none. We see spirituality as the true essence of every human being. This means that alongside the fundamentals of a strong curriculum, children are given practices that develop their capacity for stillness, awareness, focus and enquiry. We see these as essential tools for living a fulfilled life and supporting the child as he/she grows and develops through their childhood.

What your child will experience

Relationships are fundamental to the John Scottus education and to the community that families become part of when they join the school.  We take particular care with the relationship between the child and the teacher and endeavour to keep class sizes small and the teacher : pupil ratio small enough to develop a personal connection with your child. We find that the benefits to this strong, close relationship between teacher and pupil is felt across all areas of the child’s education as they progress through school.

We work to create an environment in which each child can flourish both personally and in their learning. Therefore we expand our focus to nurture the physical and mental development of the child and also their emotional and spiritual development.

The academic focus in the early years is on literacy and numeracy competencies.

Our curriculum is informed by, but not restricted to, the National Curriculum for Primary Schools and also includes:

  • Philosophy,
  • Practices for stillness
  • Nature study and the environment,
  • Language, music and the creative arts,
  • Physical well-being and healthy eating