We eat together and serve each other.

A substantial, nutritious, vegetarian hot lunch is provided by the in-house catering team.

There is also food provided at break time and in after school. No food may be brought into school.


There are multiple reasons in favour of and against vegetarianism. Neither side is wrong. Having considered both sides we have opted to be vegetarian. This is made clear to parents at enrolment time. We are staying vegetarian.


There is a fortnightly (10 day) balanced menu which has been designed with the input of a nutritionist, taking account of the needs – protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin etc –  of the children, their age and the length of their school day. We commissioned a professional nutritionist’s report in March 2018 which confirmed the goodness of the food.

Variety & Choice

Children are encouraged to eat what is on offer. Parents share responsibility for training their child to eat what is on offer.  In providing food at school we are trying to provide for the vast majority of children. A school catering operation is not a 5-star hotel. We provide a more limited choice, than might be available elsewhere. We cannot cater for individual preferences. The school endeavours to facilitate children with special medical dietary needs.


Quantity is not an issue. There is always food left over at the end of every meal. Thus there is no need for any child not to have a full meal.


Allotted time to eat is 35m for children in JI to 1C and 25m for older children.

Food Photos

The following links will show you what’s on the menu for lunch

Chilli   Pizza  Sheperd’s Pie   SpagBol    Pasta



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