The Monthly Informer

Christmas Edition

Welcome back to the newspaper. This is a November-December Christmas edition. We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for all the effort the newspaper crew gave helping to make a newspaper nice for others to enjoy. Thank you for the extra help given by Ms Dunne.

If you would like to help make the newspaper you can join any month. If you ever want to leave you can leave at the end of the month. We are grateful for any help you give.

We hope you have a brilliant Christmas and a happy new year!


All of the newspaper crew. 


  1. Story: An Epic Adventure
  2. The (Fake) Horoscope
  3. Fact File: Mushrooms
  4. School News
  5. School Activity Photos
  6. Fact File: Nelson Mandela
  7. Interview: Anne Thyssen Vestergaard
  8. Fun Page – Christmas Quiz
  9. Fun Page – Geography Quiz
  10. Fun Page – Christmas Jokes
  11. Answer Page

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