We believe in the importance of teaching children the virtues. They are taught these through stories, discussion and arts & craft. They are invited to explore them practically in their own lives. One of the virtues we practice is kindness. The natural disposition of a child is to be kind. The children have been exploring the concept that all people carry around an imaginary bucket. Your bucket can be filled by others when they show your kindness, and you can fill other people’s buckets by showing kindness to them. The magic of this is that if you fill someone else’s bucket you automatically fill your own. And so it is with kindness, it serves the giver and the receiver and it attracts others to join in on the spreading of kindness.

Here are some suggestion from our Pre-School children on how to be kind:

“Giving somebody flowers”

“When someone is sad you can give them a hug”

“Sharing books with class friends is kind”

“I help Mum make dinner”

“I draw pictures for my friends”

Our ‘Kindness Garden’ was created by our Primary children during their Art & Craft class.

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