Newsletter 5 – Good To Go!

There is no ‘standing still’ in our endeavours for JSPPS – onwards and upwards again! With another Tusla inspection under our belt, and we are good to go with our expanding School in September.

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Newsletter 4 – Zooming!

Insights over Lockdown by Jenny Carroll
The overarching question is, “why were things the way they were?”. It is all too easy these days and in spite of your best intentions to find yourself a slave to consumerism and greed, wrapped up in your own selfish world and thoughts. Covid has taught us to always think of others.

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Newsletter 3 – Parents Take a Bow!

We are now nearly eight weeks into our very new and strange situation. While we may be restricted in our physical movements we are zooming around in the virtual world and the resilience of our young folk is indomitable. 

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Newsletter 2 – The Forest Schooling has started!

Friday last was amazing and a joy. The Primary had their first real foray into the forest and they loved every minute. They ate, they played, they made bird feeders, they climbed and swung on ropes. They could even answer the call of nature in a private secluded spot with no interruptions.

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Newsletter 1 – So Many Firsts!

One of the first ‘labours’ in our treasured surroundings was the planting of an Oak Sapling by our Pre-Schoolers. On every level this event speaks volumes- it is small, fragile  and dependent but with care, nourishment and attention who knows what will happen! It may reach its potential as a mighty Oak, giving shelter, fun and sustenance to everything around it.

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