“Old Conna is a magical place on its own. We are the parents of a 2-year-old little boy, who loves visiting his future school and we are all delighted to take part in the events there. We feel that the ethos resonates with our own values as we would like learning to be a positive and encouraging experience for our child. At the moment he enjoys the company, the open space, the toys, the plants and wildlife on the grounds. Hopefully by the time he becomes an official pupil, he will come here feeling like at home, and school will not be some strange and frightening place, but rather somewhere to spread his wings and learn about the wilder world.  The members of the staff are always welcoming, open for discussion, and they do their best to suit the different needs of different children. Our family has already become part of a lovely community here.  Thank you for everyone’s hard work and kindness!”

“ I thought the meditation was wonderful and the teacher seemed to really connect with the kids 🙂 Love that you will be doing so much outdoor activities too.”

“My husband and I attended the recent pop-up event for John Scottus Pre-School with our two year old son. He had a wonderful mornings fun and we simply fell in love with the place. From the warm welcoming atmosphere of the staff, to the bright and airy play space, to the focus on mindfulness, kindness and positivity, we felt it was a chance to give our son the best start for his pre-school experience.”

“The pop-up event was fantastic, educational and peaceful. I love the gentleness the teachers display and the inclusive way the kids were treated. We planted flowers and talked about nature, all in a serene and loving environment.”

“What a lovely experience that was at the John Scottus Easter event. We had a beautiful event about the values of mindfulness and self-awareness and strategies we should all use in our lives.

The event took place in the classroom and then the children were given a sheet of paper each with a hint for an egg hunt adventure. Our child was so excited and happy to wander around the field with his basket. We later came back to the class and had a beautiful crafts activity. I saw sparkles of excitement in other children’s eyes during the activity. It was a beautiful start of the day overall and we would love to participate in such activities more often.”

“The pop up events have been a great way of us slowly introducing the idea of School to our child. He now knows where we are going when we say School and it is something that he looks forward to thankfully. I feel like that is down to the friendliness and openness of all the staff that we have met so far. The fact that you all remember his name and myself and my Husbands really is a lovely touch and makes us feel like we aren’t just a number! As a first time Mum the idea of sending my child to school has been a scary and daunting prospect. That has really changed since attending these events as I have seen exactly where our child will be each day and who he will be with and that has really put my mind at ease.”

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