Although our physical school is closed at the moment our learning community is still thriving.

Come and have a look at what we have been up to.

The pandemic and ensuing lock-down continues but that will not stop us teaching our children.  Morning daily assembly lectures started
JSNS universal choir performs three pieces at the annual Córfhéile music festival. Congratulations to Ms. Russell, Ms. Kenny and the
Musical Dress Rehearsal
Despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus, a full dress rehearsal of The King's Dark Secret went ahead on Thursday,
The Tree Council of Ireland have graciously donated a tree to students in 4C in an effort to improve climate
It’s that time of year again, as our students tended their veggies and helped serve a nutritious, 100% organic and
The TY class of 2021 have started (and nearly finished) building an outdoor classroom for all classes from the primary
Check out our amazing Pumpkins we carved before Founders Day today!
We have just completed our photography course for the 2020 TY programme. Please have a look at some of the
We are heading to Space with our Pre-School children this week. We are reading space inspired stories, discovering lots of
During Monday's Assembly the children recited one of their favourite recitations 'Our Greatest Fear' which was made famous by Nelson
TY Class of 2020 shared their year's experience with friends, family and the school community on the last day of
Our Pre-School children have been busy with butterflies! Butterfly garden -  collect leaves, flowers, sticks, small stones, seeds, grass, and
Ms Lai suggested these lovely Numeracy Activities for young car enthusiasts to carry out with their parents. The guiding sound
Some of our children were asked to practice fearlessness this week. Miss Dempsey asked them to imagine they were Oliver
Water mostly enters a tree through the roots and travels upwards into the leaves through capillary action. Ms Lai suggested this very
During Monday's Assembly Miss Dempsey read the gorgeous poem, 'The patience of Ordinary Things' by Pat Schneider.  However, it was
TOGETHER THE JOHN SCOTTUS COMMUNITY ACHIEVED 402.52KM !!!!!  Thank you and Congratulations to everyone who completed the 3K challenge on Tuesday. Myself

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