In JSS Physical Education is more than one PE class per week.

As well as exercise and training it involves body awareness and taking care of the body, and more:

The qualities we want to draw out in a child through PE are:

Sportsmanship and leadership – to be unselfish and always ready to help others to become proficient.
Full participation
Working to one’s full ability.
To develop a positive attitude towards PE and being active.
To develop a positive attitude towards food
Being aware of the importance of healthy eating.
To develop a positive attitude towards winning and losing, i.e. modest in victory and generous in defeat; never to interfere with referees or judges, no matter what the decision, and to accept all decisions openly.
To develop the skills to be a good team player
As a spectator, to understand and appreciate good play.
We also learn how to play games and emphasise sportsmanship, obeying the referee and when necessary, being a good loser.

All classes up to 4th have three PE classes a week; 5th & 6th have two.

We cover all strands of the national curriculum: Athletics, Aquatics, Dance, Games, Gymnastics, Outdoor & Adventure Activities and Dance.

We devote a disproportionate amount of PE time to Hockey, Karate and Swimming.

We employ a full time PE teacher with overall responsibility for PE, including healthy eating, and have an annual whole school Active Week in June.

In 2015 we were awarded the Active School flag.

Our PE venues include our Secret Garden, Sportsco, the School Yard and Herbert Park.

Our PE activities are guided by the Whole School PE Plan

Sometimes parents ask us if synthetic pitch surfaces (‘astroturf’) are safe. In 2016 the EU asked the EHA – the European Health Association – to evaluate the human health risks from substances found in recycled rubber granules that are used as an infill material in synthetic turf, such as that used in outdoor and indoor football fields. This is their report, issued in February 2017. It included crumb rubber in the evaluation. The report explains what astroturf is made from.

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