School Day

The school opens at 8.00.
Assemblies take place shortly afterwards, 5 times a week in Northumberland Road. The purpose of assemblies is to set the spiritual tone for the week and the day. They last for 20 minutes.
After this formal teaching takes place until break and play time.
Classes resume until lunch times that are between 11.40 and 12.30. Children and teachers sit down together for a hot vegetarian lunch every day.
After lunch there is further playtime for 25-30 minutes and then afternoon classes resume until finishing time which is at 2.00 for Junior Infants, c.3.00 for 1st to 4th Class and 3.00 for 5th and 6th Class. Afterschool facilities are available until 5.15.

Lunch & Breaks

Lunch at John Scottus is an important part of the day where children and teachers sit down together for a hot vegetarian meal.

Lunch times:

  • 11.40 Junior Infants to First Class
  • 12.30 2nd Class to 6th Class

The main course changes daily within a fortnightly cycle. The food available is fruit or salad to start, a main course (e.g. pasta and sauce, pizza, boiled or roasted vegetables, rice with sauce etc), fresh homemade brown bread and butter, dried fruits, and milk and water. Children are encouraged to try everything.

There are breaks in the morning time with fresh fruit, bread and milk or water. Click for a sample menu!

To find out more about our food policy, click here

School Activities

The timetable for each class varies. Usually the morning is devoted to language, literacy and numeracy, and the afternoon is for History, Geography, Science, Music, Art, PE, SPHE and Drama.

Physical Education

There are 3 PE classes a week. PE includes swimming for Junior Infants up to 4th Class one term every year. The school was awarded Active School status in June 2015.

Theme Weeks

There are a number of theme weeks over the course of the year.
Every year there is a Philosophy week, a Language week and an Active School week.
Maths and Science have a week every second year, as do Music and Art.
During these weeks the whole school works together on the particular theme.

School Trips

During the year there are a variety of outings.
From 2nd Class on, there is an annual trip where children and teachers go away for a few days together.
In 2nd Class they are away for two nights, in 3rd and 4th, three nights and in 5th and 6th four nights. These take place towards the end of the Summer term. The younger children usually have two or three days trips.

School Rules

Every organisation – from a family up to a nation – needs a set of rules that govern its behaviour.
Ours five school rules are derived from our ethos:
1. Take care of everyone including yourself
2. Give attention and participate fully
3. Follow instructions immediately
4. Speak truthfully and beautifully
5. Take care of everything

We find that every behavioural mistake is when one of these rules is not being followed.

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