We sing a range of songs in our daily Assembly from Junior Infants to 6th Class

Music Classes

Every class has a weekly curriculum music lesson with their Class Teacher or a specialist music teacher.

Universal Choirs

We have two choirs, one for 2nd Class to 4th, and one for 5th & 6th, both of which practice weekly.

They perform at our Thanksgiving Service, Christmas Carol Service, Corfhéile na Scoileanna, special occasions,

and compete at the Wesley Music Festival.

Learning Musical Instruments

Children can learn piano and guitar in After School

Music Week

There is a Music Week every second year (alternating with an Art week)

In 2017, we had a visit from a Dutch band and gave every child learning a musical instrument the chance

to perform in Assembly. Over 40 did. There was also a drumming workshop for every class.

School Anthem

We are very proud of our school anthem which we sing in Latin!

A bon in bonum omnia diriguntar
Laetus impraesens
Neque census existimes
Neque appetas dignitatem
Fuge excessum, fuge negotia
Laetus impraesens

From goodness to goodness all things are directed
Delight in the present!
Neither riches consider
Neither strive after honour
Flee excess, flee busyness
Delight in the present!


In January 2018, 5th & 6th Class, put on a musical called ‘Th Pied Piper’.

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