The school teaches Sanskrit, Greek and Latin. JSS is unique for its Classsics program which is supported by Philosophy studies. The combination of rich experience, passion for their subjects and scholarship found in the Classics department inspires JSS students to embrace their studies. The aim is to acquire the orderliness of mind that comes with mastering grammar and translation, together with the values inherent in the literature and philosophy of these great languages. The study of grammar helps train the mind so that it can be applied to other subjects with greater efficiency. The school’s Classics teachers make a significant contribution to the support of Classics in Ireland.



Why do we study Sanskrit in John Scottus Schools?

‘Sanskrit’ literally means ‘well formed’ or ‘refined.’ It is a Classical Language predating Latin and Greek and has the ability to act as a model, teaching children the fundamental principles of language. Sanskrit has a structured grammar covering every nuance, letter, word and sentence composition.  It makes you flex your mental muscle in an age when we have become too reliant on machines to do the thinking for us and where we have adopted ways of speaking which require minimal intelligent application. This gives the Sanskrit speaker a sharper mind which is able to retain vast amounts of knowledge with the ability to produce more harmonious and rich speech.


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