Requests for School to School transfers are initially handled by the Principal. Where the Principalaccepts the transfer request the matter is notified by the Principal to the following Board of Management meeting. Where the Principal rejects the transfer request the parent(s) / guardian(s) may appeal the Headmaster’s decision to the Board of Management, if they feel the decision was unfair. In such circumstances the Board takes the following steps:

  • The matter is put on the Agenda for the following Board meeting.
  • At the meeting the Principal provides the following information:
    — A copy of the School’s admission policy.
    — Details of all correspondence.
    — A report on the meeting between the Headmaster and the parent(s) / guardian(s).
    — The reason(s) for rejecting the transfer request.
  • The Board review and discuss the information supplied and nominate a three person subcommittee to hear the appeal. (Note: The Headmaster may not form any part of that subcommittee).
  • The subcommittee invites the parent(s) / guardian(s) and the student to an oral hearing where they may put their case on behalf of the student. The Principal is also invited to put the School’s case for the refusal to enrol. The parent(s) / guardian(s) may opt not to attend and/or may opt to provide their input to the hearing in written format.
  • Both parties are then asked to withdraw and the subcommittee review and discuss the information supplied.
  • The subcommittee makes a decision based on the information presented and advises both parties in writing of their decision within 14 days of the hearing.
  • The decision of the subcommittee is notified by the Chairman at the following Board of Management meeting.


(1) The normal and usual point of entry to the Secondary School is First Year.

(2) John Scottus School will only make an offer of a place based on a School to School transfer request having taken due cognisance of the best interests of those who constitute the pupil body of the School. In particular John Scottus School must have as its first concern the educational welfare of those already in the relevant Class. John Scottus School will therefore have due regard as to matters such as the effect on class size, the effect on the dynamic of a particular group, actual and likely discipline issues, subject choices, the reason(s) for moving Schools and the reason(s) for choosing John Scottus School.

(3) John Scottus School reserves the right to contact previous Schools requesting further relevant information such as attendance, educational progress, disabilities, special educational needs, disciplinary record etc.

(4) Admission to the School will strictly depend on adherence to the School’s Code of Behaviour.

(5) Parents have the right to appeal a refusal by a School to enrol a student under Section 29 of the Education Act (1998). The appeal must be made within 42 calendar days from the date the decision of the school was notified to the parents.

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