Stillness, Attention and Enquiry: the heart of a John Scottus Education

Primary School

Pupils and their art

All parents want the best for their child and every child wants to be happy. We believe a John Scottus education provides the best that your child needs to be happy.

Secondary School


Central to the ethos of the school is character development through cultivating the life skills of stillness, attention and enquiry. The curriculum on offer in John Scottus Secondary will challenge the learner to develop all aspects of the person: mental, emotional, social, physical and spiritual.



John Scottus school offers a vision of education which gives young people the self mastery, strength of character and compassion to contribute meaningfully to the world around them. It is an education based on the belief that each child has at their heart a limitless potential.

JSS News

Carpentry-Painting the finished Produce(5)

2nd Class Trip to Townley Hall

The 2nd Class boys and girls stayed in Townley Hall for their class trip from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th June.

Primary News


3rd Class Trip to Lilliput

3rd Class went to Lilliput for 2 nights.

Secondary News


Sports Day Secondary School

This years sports day was held in Irishtown Atlectics Stadium and it was a success from start to finish.