TY Visit to Botanic Gardens

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I found the Botanic garden veryBotanic Gardens interesting as not only did I see many beautiful flowers but I learnt what we could plant in our grounds and loads of helpful tips such as using newspaper for the bottom of our vegetable bed. I learnt about the type of trees and how some of them are highly poisonous due to the seed in their berries. I also saw amazing wildlife such wasps, hover flies, squirrels and birds.

I learned that there is a lot of care and thought in keeping and maintaining plants and vegetables. It also does not seem to be too cost heavy and this shows it is very doable .

Today I learned much more than I actually ever have, going to the Botanic Gardens. As a child I went almost every week with my family and I didn’t pay much attention to the plants, the names and the importance of them. I learned about many things we could grow in the winter that we can look at and enjoy rather than over the summer when no one is at the school, such as Cosmos and Salvia flowers. It would also be very nice if we could create our own flower circles. We could make a little fairy garden for the little ones and everyone else to enjoy as well.

By Maria, Catherine and Jack

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