2nd Class Trip to Townley Hall

The 2nd Class boys and girls stayed in Townley Hall for their class trip from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th June. We visited the Newgrange Exhibition Centre on the way down and had our picnic in Townley Hall about 12.00.

The children all loved Townley Hall. Free play in the wide spaces, partially enclosed woods and feeding the goats were the big attractions. In between times we had meals and organised activities: drama, art (making cloth), nature study, nature walks, carpentry and a mad-hatters tea part in Mrs McGeough’s house (next door). On theTuesday evening the boys performed their longer version of Henry V for the housekeeper, the groundsman, Mr & Mrs McGeough and some of the girls who wanted to see it again.

It was a very enjoyable experience for the children and they learned a lot.

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