6th Class at the Young Scientist in the RDS

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On Saturday the 9th of January the boys and girls of 6th class displayed their Young Scientist project in the RDS. The title of their project was, ‘What Causes Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and How Can We Overcome It?’ 6th Class pupils along with Ms O’Callaghan and Ms Brennan developed and presented an incredible project and have spent months putting it all together. Feedback from the RDS Primary Science Fair Judge read: ‘Before I met you today I wasn’t aware of the problem of CCD so I was very interested to see your work. All your work was very clearly presented.’ They went on to say that they loved how the children and teachers used all aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in their investigation and presentation of their project. They also gave a particular mention to the young lady (Julia O’Callaghan) who produced a computer game for their project and had it on hand for people to play during the display.

A huge amount of work and learning has taken place during the course of this project and all the children and teachers involved did incredible work to enable this project to come into fruition. A huge congratulations to Ms O’Callaghan, Ms Brennan and all the boys and girls in 6th Class.

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