Our school is named after John Scottus Eriugena, the Platonist philosopher, theologian and poet of Ireland’s Golden Age. Our values are inspired by a common thread, or perennial philosophy, found in the great traditions of East and West. We are a multi denominational school, inspired by the works of Plato, Christianity and Advaita (non dual) Vedanta philosophy. We see spirituality as the true essence of every human being and we welcome those of all faiths and those of none.


Laetus Impraesens’ – Delight in the Present

Our motto (borrowed from the renaissance Florentine philosopher Marsilio Ficino) expresses the importance we attribute to being fully present and connected in every moment. At John Scottus, we emphasise the regular practice of meditation and mindfulness which strengthens focus, enhances awareness and connects the student to a sense of quiet presence whether in stillness or in activity. We see this as an essential tool for living a fulfilled life.


Our vision is to be a rich learning environment that enhances students lives and the lives of our wider community and society. Supporting our vision are 5 core values which we believe help to set a strong foundation for a meaningful life – unity, spirituality, the spirit of enquiry, service and love.


Our mission is for John Scottus to be an inspiring centre of learning that invites our students, parents, teachers and broader society to come to know their true Self. We aim for our students to flourish personally and academically. We encourage our students to discover and develop their unique gifts so they can contribute creatively to the world around them.


We celebrate the concept of oneness and interconnection, as found in many great traditions from the East and the West.

We see our students and each other as spiritual beings. We acknowledge that there is a deeper presence beyond that of the body, mind and heart.

The Spirit of Enquiry
We encourage the Socratic Method of discussion to train the mind and open the heart, developing the power of reason and learning through self-discovery.

We enable our student’s growth into responsible global citizens by encouraging social awareness of the world around us and our relationship to it.

We endeavour to meet each person and situation from a place of love, first. We believe all of our students to be intelligence and love in action.