C5B National Gallery Trip

Report on 5th Class boys trip to the National Gallery on Thursday 26th September 2014

Today we visited the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin. We took the Dublin Bus to get there. The gallery itself is a huge building situated on Merrion Square.

The gallery has a vast collection of about 15,000 painting and sculptures. When we went in we were greeted by Mary Dowling, she guided us around and gave a brief description about the paintings. One of the most famous oil paintings we saw was the “Taking of Christ”, painted by Caravaggio in 1602. He is an Italian artist who lived from 1571-1610.

We saw another oil painting which was a portrait of Charles Coote, 1st Earl of Bellamont painted by Joshua Reynolds, he was a British gentleman who lived from 1571-1610. Another one was “woman reading a letter” painted by the Dutch artist Gabriel Metsu between 1664-1666. Metsu was one of Holland’s finest painters and lived from 1629-1667.

After visiting the gallery we went to a park and had our lunch, we then drew some pictures. It was a memorable day and we had great fun! Watch the slideshow of our day below!

Written by Dean Shine 5th Class Boys

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