Emotional First Aid Training Tool for Parents of Teenagers

Emotional First Aid Training Tool for Parents of Teenagers

Information Evening, Monday Nov 12th

with Enda Murphy,

Clinical Psychotherapist


in John Scottus School, Old Conna, Rathmichael, Co. Dublin

Monday 12th November 2018 from 7.00 tea and coffee, starts 7.30pm sharp

ALL Parents and ALL teenagers welcome

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This information evening is about

  1. Giving parents and teenagers a roadmap for emotional wellness
  2. Developing an Emotional first aid programme for parents and teenagers

‘As a Psychotherapist , I often feel like I am like a life guard… Every day, people come to see me looking to be rescued…. The problem I have is that instead of rescuing people downstream, I want to go back upstream and show people why they are falling in, in the first place’ – Enda Murphy

By helping parents of teenagers to recognise the essential insights of Emotional health that everybody needs to know, we hope to focus on helping them understand

  1. What causes us to get into trouble emotionally
  2. The five most common reasons behind our distress
  3. How unhelpful responses by others prevents us from rescuing ourselves making our problem worse
  4. How recovery works in real life
  5. How we can recognise and help those we love who are in trouble

By illustrating the big picture rather than just individual parts, we hope to give people the flavour of what emotional health is all about, rather than just providing a list of vague ingredients and expecting people to figure it all out themselves

This way, people will be much more able to look at various resources and helplines available to them, understand how they fit into their own big picture and be able to figure out what works for them

Information and insights that should be as freely available as air are not been taught effectively and are poorly understood by people in society

What makes this initiative unique is that it focuses on providing the information, insights and training to the person themselves and to those who have most contact with them

This helps give a beginning, middle and end to the whole process…

By focusing on the most common questions asked by parents and teenagers today, we are starting a movement where the professional community not only gives parents and teenagers the tools to help themselves but shows them how to use them.


Venue: John Scottus School, Old Conna, Rathmichael, Co. Dublin

Date Monday 12th November 2018

Time: 7 pm tea/coffee – start 7.30pm sharp

About the Presenter

Enda is one of Irelandʼs best-known Psychotherapists. He is

  • Assistant Director of the Health Service Executive GP training scheme.
  • Faculty member with the Centre for Global Health Delivery, Harvard University, USA.
  • Author of best selling book, ‘Five Steps to Happiness, Learning to explore and understand your emotional mind, (Number 7, Irish Times best sellers list 2013)
  • Co-Author of best selling book ‘Flagging the Screenager, Guiding your child through adolescence and young adulthood. (Number 3, Irish Times best sellers list 2014).
  • He operates CBT clinics around the world which work extensively with people suffering from Anxiety and Depression.
  • He is a regular contributor on ʻToday with Sean O Rourkeʼ on RTE radio

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