French Play

John Scottus School welcomed the ‘French Theatre for Schools’ company to the school.

They performed ‘Le Rôle’, a story about a French girl who receives an audition for an English role in an Abbey Theatre production but is very nervous about it. She enlists the help of her friends to overcome her difficulties with singing and speaking in English and eventually gains the confidence she needs to take on the audition.

All the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students did an excellent job in managing to stay focused for the entire 70 mins of the French play and in particular, Odhran O’Reilly, William Hou, Cian Dahdouh, Dulguun Sandagsuren, Persephone Kianka and Bill O’Toole are to be congratulated for their cameo appearances. It’s very important that young students are exposed to as much authentic French as possible and a big thank you to FTFS for coming in to perform for us.

Mr. Telford

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