A Midsummer Night’s Dream by TY Class of 2018

To an audience of over 250 people, the students of Transition Year presented their unique take on Shakespeare’s classic “A Midsummer Night’s dream, directed by Luke Casserly.  Luke brilliantly choreographed and directed his first John Scottus production to a warm reception and we’re really grateful to him for taking it on at such short notice. The 26 students in the class did a great job both on and off stage taking care of all aspects of the production. For example, Nina Howden designed the poster while Gigi Watt created the programme. Aisling Wright was manager of make-up while Cian Doherty and Yiunxang Wang choreographed the music. Faolan was the prompter and ran the bar with Ilia Ilyenko. It was an all round combined effort. nice one!Photo 22-05-2018, 17 38 18 Photo 22-05-2018, 17 39 14 Photo 22-05-2018, 17 56 23

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