Mosaic: Creative Engagement Project

Let the Mosaic Story Begin…..

Initial Aim of Project

This project will be carried out as a whole school project in order to heighten the awareness and the value of community/team spirit within John Scottus, resulting in a creative and imaginative school wall Mosaic. This project will not only be aimed at valuing the benefits and power of team/community spirit but also highlighting the importance of cross curricular education within a school.

The students and teachers will both be part of the planning, designing and production of the school mosaic with the help and guidance of Art teacher Ms. Sweeney and artist Conor O’Brien. The end result of this project will be a wall mosaic but there will be a large focus on the value of the discussions, design process and the journey within the project.

As team/community spirit is created not only during the doing of the task but through the preparation, discussions, interactions and celebrations of the task.

Week 1 – Let’s get the ball rolling

Project design work and discussion began during Philosophy week. The whole school was involved in the initial design stages, during which the students engaged in discussions regarding their feelings and ideas towards JSS and questioned how we could visually represent the school.

Week 2 – We mean business

With the ground work done Ms. Sweeney’s Art students dived deeper into the design process of the Project. Questioning and refined their personal artistic aim for the project. “Can this art project become more than a visual representation of the school? Can this Art piece give something unique to each individual that looks at it? Can this art piece hold a greater power?

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