JSS News

Morning Assembly Now Online

The pandemic and ensuing lock-down continues but that will not stop us teaching our children.   Morning daily assembly lectures started this week with great results.

Musical Dress Rehearsal

Musical Dress Rehearsal Wows

Despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus, a full dress rehearsal of The King’s Dark Secret went ahead on Thursday, just hours before the school and theatre closed down.

Young Farmers Reap Harvest

It’s that time of year again, as our students tended their veggies and helped serve a nutritious, 100% organic and sustainable vegetarian meal for all to enjoy the following days.

Ice Skating

All Students went ice skating with their respective classes on Friday, Dec 16. From the feedback received, the trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

TYs visit Newgrange

Our Transition Year students visited Newgrange to learn more about this amazing historical treasure. Here are some pictures of the trip.