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Birthday Assembly

The tradition at our school is that for each child’s birthday we have a special Assembly where children are invited to share a quality they love about the Birthday child.


This young learner (2 years old) has been observing Miss Dempsey pausing with her siblings at the beginning and end of their daily Zoom classes and has decided to give it a go herself.

Our First Zoom Assembly

This Monday morning saw a very welcome return to our morning Assemblies. Our primary children connected with Miss Dempsey and each other, but, this time through Zoom.

Morning Assembly Now Online

The pandemic and ensuing lock-down continues but that will not stop us teaching our children.   Morning daily assembly lectures started this week with great results.

Musical Dress Rehearsal

Musical Dress Rehearsal Wows

Despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus, a full dress rehearsal of The King’s Dark Secret went ahead on Thursday, just hours before the school and theatre closed down.