Our First Zoom Assembly

This Monday morning saw a very welcome return to our morning Assemblies. Our primary children connected with Miss Dempsey and each other, but, this time through Zoom. Assembly, opened as per usual with a beautiful Universal Sanskrit prayer. Miss Dempsey connected with each child asking how they were feeling before reminding us of the virtues we have been practising. Children were invited to share their experiences. Gratitude was the virtue of the day with children expressing gratitude for nurses, scientists, parents and the whole World! Children were then reminded of the importance of inner stillness with the beautiful Vedic aphorism ‘Where the hand goes the eye goes. Where the eye goes the mind goes. Where the mind goes. Where the heart is, there love arises’

“I thought Monday’s Assembly was quite momentous. This very new school, in it’s first year, finding itself in these unusual times and coming together for their 1st on-line session singing ‘May all be Happy’. It was moving and uplifting. Very pure, clean & beautiful” (Vicky, parent)

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