Practising Fearlessness!

Some of our children were asked to practice fearlessness this week. Miss Dempsey asked them to imagine they were Oliver Twist and to write a letter to Mr Bumble persuading him to give the poor starving boys more food. This is the letter from one of the children.

Dear Mr Bumble,

Surely, it is important to feed us properly. Just think about it, it is your duty to feed us because we are in your care. It is really worth feeding us properly because then we will have more energy to do our work. If you do not feed us properly we could get sick and need medicine which could cost a lot of money.

Therefore, Mr Bumble, you must give us more food so we do not die of starvation. If you feed us now we will grow up to be strong and will be able to leave the work house. Finally, Mr Bumble, ask yourself, do you want to be part of such cruelty to children?

Thank you,


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