Radio Play

Radio Play

Students from the school have been involved in the development of a radio play ‘On the shortest day of the year’ involving Patrick Meehan (ex RTE) and writer of children’s books ‘The Shamrogues’.

Fran Dempsey (Head of Music in JSS) has written the music and Liz Byrne (Drama Teacher) has directed it. Five 1st years, two 2nd years and two 4th years were part of the project, all rehearsed over 6 weeks after school and at weekends. During the October midterm 2 episodes were recorded. The broadcast dates for the two episodes and the documentary are as follows:

Documentary- December 10th, 3pm
Episode 1- December 10th, 3.30pm
Episode 2- December 17th, 3pm

The station is 103.2 Dublin City FM.

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