Romeo and Juliet, 1st year trip

Romeo_Juliet_FILMCD2001st year girls and boys attended a performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Helix Theatre on Friday, March 20. They have been studying the play for the past few weeks. The performance, by Cyclone Rep, was unusual in that all the parts were played by just four actors, three men and one woman.

Shakespeare really came to life as his spirit was invoked by the actors to answer questions and give directions in the performing of this great tragedy. However, problems arose as Mr Shakespeare’s sixteenth century attitudes and demeanour clashed with those of the modern actors. The arguments and discussion which ensued added to the lively and often hilarious performance and made it a memorable experience for the boys and girls.

Comments overheard after the show were: ‘it was so funny’ and ‘the best ever’ and’ I never thought it would be so good.’

A special thanks to Ms. Katryn Breen and Mr. Conal O’Dufaigh for organising the trip.

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