Schools Climate Conference

In May 2023, the Student GCE Committee also organised a Schools Climate Conference etc., This event was an incredible achievement for a group of secondary school students. Over the course of 3 months, from March to May, they organised a template for a school conference with the help of interclimate in the UK. They set up a google form, invited schools, set up an email address, built on the template supplied by interclimate, meet on a weekly basis on Tuesdays at lunch time and finally brought 5 schools together last May 10th. They found a guest speaker, Cara Augustenborg and managed to invite this person, a high profile member of the Irish Climate Council to the event. Furthermore, on the day, they managed to coordinate these 5 schools and their teachers to participate in a robust debate about the challenges of reducing global temperatures which involved establishing breakout rooms, chairing debates, often with vocal and enthusiastic students. They deserve huge credit for what they did. We look forward to sharing the chairing of this event next year and Naas Commuinty College has already agreed in principle to host the event.

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