“Gone Missing” Film Showing

The premiere of the film “Gone Missing” scripted and produced by 1st years will take place at 7.00 pm Thursday May 14th in Morehampton road. The film is based on the novel Artemis Fowl and is the fruit of year long endeavour. All are invited to come. The film will be shown later in the year at a film festival in October at the Collins Barracks. Here are some reflections by students on their experience of Drama in 1st year.

A highlight was being in the camera crew and acting out our parts-

I would love to learn more about acting as it builds our confidence.

I remember getting ideas ofr our drama after we ahad read Artemis Fowl and taling about the dfiferent kinds of crimes we knew about

A challenge was that we had ot change nad remove things that we really liked in in the script.We overcame them by adding new things we all liked.

My most memorable learning experience was running down an alleyway wearing police costumes.

The highlight was when we were all ready with our lines and our costumes.

I remember a highlight was standing in a circle playing the bamboo stick games because it was fun! 

I remember it seemed like a distant wish to finish a movie-

A highlight was figuring out what people would say and do in scenes.We had a lot of laughs and  a lot of fun and the most memorable thing I learnt was anglesnad shots in creating a movie.

A highlight is when we all get together we can have fun.-

The challenge I encountered was being able to act confidently in front of people and feel I could overcome my shyness-

I think learning how to plan a scene and make up characters from scratch were my most memorable learning experiences.

I learnt planning is everything.

I loved working out the scenes and making our journals amazing-hopefully- I loved acting out the scenes to be told later onthat our film was being entered for a festival-

Honestly, I feel we’ve been learning new things all the time: how to write a script,how to speak out and how to do video technical stuff with Emma.



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