Numeracy Week 2016

week Numeracy week took place on the week beginning Oct 12th. During the week there was lots of activities based on Numeracy. The development of this goal is part of the National Strategy to improve the mathematical understanding and skills to solve problems and meet the demands of day-to-day living and social settings. Mathematical skills are used in cooking, organising trips, cleaning, earning money, spending money, paying rent, staying healthy and also in entertainment. Students need to be aware that all subjects need numeracy and literacy to get insight in what is happening in the world


You cannot teach a subject like History or Geography without using a language (Literacy) or without using numbers (Numeracy) and therefore it is valuable to connect these capacities with certain themes in a subject. In the languages the numbers are translated, used in calendars, clocks etc.

All subjects need an understanding of Numeracy. For example, in the languages the numbers are translated, used in calendars and clocks. In Geography  maps, grid references, weather data charts, population pyramids, field study data are items based on Numeracy. In History you need a Time line, a clock and comparison with other countries and different situations. In Music, Art, Science and Business it is obvious that the essence of these subjects are based on Numeracy.

During the week there were presentations during the Assembly, Maths posters around the school and a Maths competition for all students..Students of Transition Year and 5th Year also went to an interesting Maths Lecture in the RDS. In addition numbers were  taught in French, Irish, Sanskrit and Latin.

All in all, a very stimulating week.

Mr. van de Belt

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