Soccer Results


First year Boys Soccer:

The first year boys participated in three soccer matches within May, playing against St Colleth’s in three gripping matches. The first match was an excellent encounter that saw JSS lose by a last minute goal to finish 2-1 to St Conleth’s. The second match ended on a much more positive note for JSS winning 2-1, with goals from Kito and Jack, accompanied by excellent performances from Christian, Richard, Omed and Alex. This all lead itself towards a final crunch match in the last couple of weeks of school. JSS took the lead by 2 goals, however St Conleth’s recovered very quickly to make it level at half time. JSS came out into the second half a much stronger team and thanks to some excellent team play, determination and hard work, managed to score a further 3 goals ending the game at 5-3. Scorers in the game included Christain (4) IIyia (1). A special mention must go to IIyia, Kito, Richard, William, Jack, James and Damanvir for excellent performances, some of which was there first match on an 11-a side pitch. These matches proved to be a great success, something that will definitely continue next year.


Senior Soccer:

The senior students play the final game of the year  in Herbert Park against St Conleths. It proved to be a great match for all involved and both teams displayed a wealth a encouragement, cooperation and team work which was excellent to see. A special mention must go to Edurado, Sebastian, Darragh and Fareed who played very well on the day and will all be missed in the school. We wish all of the sixth years the best of luck in their exams and in all their future endeavours.

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