Wellness Week :-)

We had Wellness Week this week in school. The theme of the week was:

I am comfortable, I am healthy, I am happy.

Every day we all engaged in different mindful activities and we explored the above theme.


We used our sense of hearing to listen to a piece of music and respond to it through writing and drawing.


Mr Gibney was in Assembly to talk to us about staying healthy. The most important message was:

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Happy Life.

We use our sense of sight today. The children sat for a period of time looking at a candle flame. We discussed how it made us feel and we responded to it through writing and drawing.


We had a special guest on Wednesday morning. Mrs Telford our former head mistress payed us a visit to share The Magic Five with us.

Have you ever had any negative feelings? Feeling sad, left out, trapped
or angry?
These feeling interfere with our well being
Try one of the these solutions and see does your negativity transform into positivity.

The Magic Five

1. Talk to somebody you trust.
2. Help someone else.
3. Do something you love doing.
4. Observe – watch.
5. Pause.

We used our sense of taste today. All children were invited to eat a segment of an orange – mindfully. Really tasting and savouring every last bit. We discussed how this was different to gulping down an orange at another time and how it made us feel. How was this experience different? We then responded to this in our well being journal through writing and drawing.


Today we used our sense of smell. Each class spent a little time with incense burning in their room. The children were invited to close their eyes and use their sense of smell to relax. What did the smell remind them of? How did it make them feel? They were then invited to record their findings in their journal.


In Assembly on Friday children brought their journals and mindful colouring and showed each other their work.

Today all the children were invited to do a body scan meditation. When finished they were asked to reflect on how it made them feel and the effects of it on their mind and body.

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