6th Class RDS Success

Sixth class boys and girls have been working exceptionally hard over the last 4 months on their Discover Primary Science project with their teacher Mrs Dempsey. The students investigated if they could design and make their own sustainable eco village. They visited Cloughjordan eco village in Co. Tipperary for inspiration. They explored renewable energy, sustainable home structures, crops and crop rotation, the history of eco villages and sustainable living and water filtration.

Last Saturday the 6th Class students displayed their project at the RDS Young Scientist Exhibition.

The judges were very impressed with their project.

Feedback from RDS Primary Science Fair 2017

What was very interesting and positive about this study was the variety of science concepts the project explored.

In addition, there were very nice integration links with history and geography.

The pupils gathered a lot of data from their research on Cloughjordan but then designed their own small scale experiments to assess the concepts which is excellent.  All questions posed were answered with confidence.

The teamwork was evident with teams responsible for varying aspects.  Knowledge of turbine efficiency, insulation materials, home construction and water conservation was very good.

Bringing all the aspects of the investigation together to suggest and summarise the key eco components would enhance coherence.

Well done to Mrs Dempsey and 6th Class for their immense work and such an interesting, well thought out and put together project.

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