JSS News

Graduating 6th Years

We wish our graduating class of 6th year best wishes in their exams and the decisions they will need to make about their future studies.

Sports Day 2024

A wonderful Sports day took place on Friday, May 10th, at our Old Conna grounds under glorious sunshine.

Pause Magazine

The student-led school newspaper, the PAUSE, came freshly out in print in the last few weeks. Many students have worked tirelessly in the school to bring this to fruition.

End of Year Trips

Our 1st year, 2nd year, Transition Years and 5th years went on an end of year class trip to Carlingford and Italy.

TY Ball

On the 19th of April, the TYs hosted a memorable TY Ball. The glamorous red carpet theme and live music from the TY band created a special atmosphere.