6th Class Investigate the Reality of an Eco Village.

On Friday 7th October 6th class went o a trip to Coughjordan eco village as part of their research for the Young Scientist Exhibition in January.
In Cloughjordan they have pedestrian edible landscapes lined with fruit and nut trees and a stream side walk. They use green building techniques and have renewable energy production.  They operate a car sharing system.
They use solar panels and wood-chip and wood fired boilers.  Every home has a large hot water tank and metre to measure usage. Water is piped through insulated pipes into homes.  Many of the houses are made from lime and hemp and there are some COB houses which are houses made from subsoil, water, straw and sometimes lime.
There are 65 varieties of native Irish apples planted in Apple Tree Walk. There is an estimated 50, 000 number of bees per hive during summer months. The compost toilet uses sawdust and is allowed to decompose naturally.

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