Le Rendez-Vous

On Friday, 11th March, The French Theatre for Schools came to John Scottus in what has now become something of an annual tradition.

This time they performed the play “Le Rendez-Vous” or “A meeting!” for all the students from 1st to 3rd year. It was a quasi love story about a young boy Vanya from Toulouse in Southern France who travels up North for a U2 concert in the capital Paris.

However, unbeknownst to his friends he has a dual motive. He wants to get across Paris to see a friend he has been corresponding with lately called Marege. He encounters numerous adventures as he ventures across the city of love and ultimately finds love of his own!

Eight students took on roles in the play themselves, namely Paris, Kaiya, Luke, Anna, William, Nathan H, Tove, Allie and did themselves proud as usual. It was great to see live French in action. Vive les Francophones!


IMG_0990 IMG_0987

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