All testimonials are 2018 and unedited

“Our son attended John Scottus for five years and loved the school. All schools will teach a child the basics but John Scottus goes much further. It imparts a grounding in philosophy which helps children respect themselves, other and the world around them. This grounding will stay with our child for life and for that we we always be in debt to the school and its excellent teachers.”


“Our children thrived at John Scottus under the care and instruction of warm, wonderful teachers. The school educated the whole child, focusing not just on academics but also on social and individual development. The small class sizes allow for individual attention and small group lessons, which increase academic performance and build healthy relationships.”


“Our daughter started at John Scottus School in junior infants and has developed over 8 years into a confident, happy, outward looking girl. Throughout all her years at John Scottus she was surrounded by love and warmth. Along with her class mates she skipped through all the milestones, encouraged and guided by her teachers at every turn. She developed friendships that may well last for ever. Most of all John Scottus taught her of a greater good and of an inner peace, the most valuable things anybody could learn”


“Our son and then our daughter both went to John Scottus Primary School, with our daughter finishing sixth class just a few weeks ago [June 2018], and so ends our 10 year association with John Scottus. Every single teacher that our son and daughter had over that 10 year period was completely committed to both the education and the well-being of their pupils. We are not sure how John Scottus does it, but it was clear to us that educating and looking after our children was not ‘just a job’ to every one of the teachers we had. For that we feel really grateful. We could not recommend the school highly enough.”


“John Scottus was nothing short of an idyllic phase of education for Ruby over her 8 years of Junior School. She passed through the hands of 3 teachers over that time who, although very different in personality and approach, all seemed to possess a perfect balance of teaching ability, sensitivity towards their charges and fun! The school encouraged and fostered an atmosphere of involvement and collectivity that seemed to bring the best out of her and her classmates and helped them develop self-confidence combined with an awareness of and caring attitude towards those around them. We couldn’t imagine a better start to her education and a better springboard to Secondary School than the 8 years she spent at John Scottus.”


“Our daughter attended the John Scottus Junior School from the first day of junior infants to the last day of sixth class. During her time at the John Scottus we found the teaching standard to be excellent and all her teachers made a huge effort to make sure she fulfilled her potential. The small class size allows the teacher to get the know the children really well and work with them in a very focused way. The atmosphere in the school is very nurturing and wholesome, not at all like an institution, more like a home away from home. The feeling of community in the school is very strong and fosters an atmosphere of care which all the children participate in and helps to develop the whole person. She has progressed to secondary school now and there is no doubt that the inclusion of the extra subjects such as Philosophy and Sanskrit have contributed to the development and formation of her character. She has gained not only knowledge but also a sense of Self, indeed she seems wise beyond her years. There is something quite special in this school which I feel is not available anywhere else. I would highly recommend the John Scottus school for anyone looking for a well rounded education that takes care of the whole child”


” …11 years later having had two daughters attend John Scottus Primary School, we have cherished not only the excellent education that the girls have received but the sense of self and confidence that JSS has instilled in them and the community that we have been able to create with classmates, parents, and staff. When I asked my youngest daughter to describe JSS she said, “It’s like having another family.”

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