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Wellness Week :-)

We had Wellness Week this week in school. The theme of the week was: I am comfortable, I am healthy, I am happy.


As part of Gratitude Week this week in school the children all drew a picture of something they are grateful for.

Litter League Winners

Last year we had a very successful Littler League between all the classes in the school. Every day classrooms were checked for litter on the floor.

2nd Class Fact Files

2nd Class have begun doing mini projects. They were each given a country and they had to compile a fact file on that country.

2nd Class Soil Samples

2nd Class were in the Secret Garden this week collecting soil samples to bring back to their classroom so they can investigate the different components of soil.

Recyclable Goods Fashion Show

In keeping with our Green School Action Plan the next upcoming event is our fashion show. All the children will be making clothes and/or accessories using recycled goods.