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Nicholas Telford

Ruth Toomey

Elisabeth Fitzpatrick

Eva Franklin

Nathan Jones

Elizabeth Dempsey

Eoin Flaherty

JS Seventh Year

John Scottus is a relatively young school and the number of alumni is growing. The past pupils are active in fundraising for the school and a number of them now teach in the school passing on to the current students the fruits of their own education. Further; some children of former pupils are now attending JSS Primary. Another chapter in our history is being written! Since the school’s first graduates of 1992 there has been a consistent trend among the past pupils of John Scottus in remaining close friends. To consolidate the growing past pupil community The Seventh Year was formed, please see JS Seventh Year Facebook Page.

This is an online community for the alumni of John Scottus School; all alumni are invited and encouraged to join! Your Webpage, your School: please do send us updates on your interests/achievements/activities.

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