Board of Trustees responsibilities

The Board of Trustees of John Scottus School (JSS) forms the membership of the John Scottus Educational Trust (JSET). The JSET is the patron of JSS. Any changes to the current membership of the Board of Trustees are decided by the Board itself. The Board of Trustees maintains an overview of the longer term direction of the School and specifically takes responsibility for;

  1. Ethos: Setting the School’s ethos, vision and aims.  Establishing and evaluating the school’s ethos via the Boards of Management (BOMs), which includes the Heads of both the Primary and Secondary School.
  2. Strategy: Monitoring and steering the overall effectiveness of the functioning of the School in terms of the educational offering, academic performance and school structure via routine reports and communication with / from the BOMs.
  3. Financial: Ensuring the financial health of the School, including the generation of modest surpluses for JSS operational use and the provision of any necessary resources for capital developments.  The Board of Trustees approve annual budgets jointly with the BOMs.
  4. Buildings: Developing existing building facilities.  Identifying alternative buildings to better meet the needs and development of the School as informed by the BOMs and Heads. Taking the lead in initiating any capital fundraising programmes that may be necessary.
  5. Appointments: Taking the lead on selecting the Principals and the Deputy Principals of both Primary and Secondary Schools.

Board of Management responsibilities

John Scottus School has separate Boards of Management (BOMs) for both the Primary and Secondary Schools. The BOMs are constituted and run in accordance with Department of Education (DES) guidelines. The BOMs, which are a collaboration of patron, parent, teacher and community representatives, manages the School on behalf of the Board of Trustees and is accountable to the Trustees and the Minister. The BOMs oversee the day to day management of the School and specifically takes responsibility for;

  1. Ethos: Upholding and maintaining the School’s ethos as determined by its tradition and spiritual values.
  2. Management: Overseeing and where necessary assisting the Principals with the day to day management of the School. Overseeing systems and procedures to ensure school resources (including grants, staffing and other resources) are managed appropriately and efficiently.  Taking overall responsibility for School policies. Ensuring that child protection and welfare considerations are taken into account in all of the School’s policies, practices and activities. Developing and communicating annual SIPs (School improvement plans) and progress thereon to all stakeholders. Dealing with disciplinary and admission issues as referred to it by the School. Ensuring that staff are appointed to posts in accordance with the relevant procedures and requirements.
  3. Education: Ensuring that an agreed education is provided to all of the School’s pupils which complies with DES requirements and which includes due recognition of JSS’s Ethos and educational knowledge and experience.
  4. Development: Ensuring that an appropriate Self Evaluation program is active in the School. Promoting and marketing the School to prospective new pupils and their parents. Providing a forum where ideas and initiatives can be brought forward by teachers, parents and community representatives for consideration.
  5. Finances: Managing the finances of the School and approving the annual budget jointly with the Board of Trustees. Supporting and taking responsibility for day to day fundraising initiatives.

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