Music has always been greatly valued here at John Scottus School. Participation in Music Making is regarded as an essential part of each child’s education. We believe that Music has the power to ‘awaken the love of beauty, goodness and reason – qualities which resonate with the essential nature of all human beings’ and that ‘the best music has the capacity to open the door to refined emotion’.

Our Secondary School Bell has now also become a Musical Event! The old ‘trainbell’ sound has been replaced this year by a short musical clip from one of the great classical works, which rings throughout the buildings at the beginnings and endings of classes and this musical clip is changed each week and frequent competitions are run with children being asked to ‘name that tune!’ Fran Dempsey, Head of Music Department, Senior School.

Listen to the Sweet Sounds of John Scottus School Choirs!

Dixit Dominus by George Frideric Handel. Performed by The Senior School Choir at St Bartholomew’s Church with Fraser Wilson at the organ.

‘Cantique de Jean Racine’ Gabriel Fauré – Recorded live at the RDS Concert Hall.

Ah! Jesus Child my Heart’s Delight! (Christmas Oratario by JS Bach). Performed at St Bartholomew’s Church with Fraser Wilson at the organ.

Let all together Praise our God- Chorale: JS Bach

Infant Holy, Infant Lowly – Polish Carol sung by 5th/ 6th Class Choir

‘Sailing’ performed by JS Primary School at Wesley – Máire Ledwith Butler.

Insanae et Vanae Curae by Josef Haydn. Recorded ‘live’ at the RDS Concert Hall

Music Education in John Scottus Secondary School

Music is a vital element of a JSS education. Because it works on the finest of the senses, i.e hearing, what we give the children needs to be refined, uplifting and enjoyable. We would also like to demonstrate that everyone can sing! Fran Dempsey ARIAM H&C, and Paul Kerr BA; H Dip in Ed; B Mus; MA are the Music Department team in John Scottus Senior School.

Mr Kerr, whose main instrument is the piano, provides excellent accompaniment for the school’s various choirs and Singing Assemblies. He also takes the Leaving Certificate Music Course with 5th and 6th Years and the Junior Certificate Music Course.

Mr Dempsey is Head of Department and also directs the Secondary School Choir and the Chamber Ensemble and is responsible for musical arrangements. Both these choirs take part each year in the Start of Term Celebration, the annual Carol Service and Speech and Prizegiving Day. They also take part in competitions such as the Wesley Music Festival, The Arklow Music Festival, Navan Choral Festival and the Feis Cheoil and both choirs have won many awards. He conducts the 5th and 6th Class Choir and takes 5th and 6th Girls and Boys in for a separate Music and Singing class each week.

Mr Dempsey was responsible for creating a version of Mozarts “Magic Flute” suitable for school children and young voices.

View the Junior Certificate Curriculum and Leaving Certificate Curriculum on-line.


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