3Y Classical Studies Trip to London January 16th 2015

ClassicsTrip-Jan2015-2Our trip to London to see the famous Parthenon sculptures in the British Museum was a great success.  Ten intrepid students, with two teachers and two parents had a fantastic, fun filled day in London. We visited the British Museum to see, not just the Parthenon Marbles but a selection of other artefacts from Ancient Greece and Rome.


After that it was on to the Victoria and Albert Museum  where we widened the scope of our investigation taking in objects from Classical antiquity  Fashion down through the Ages and an exhibition entitled ‘Disobedient Objects’ which was the history of protest.  This particular exhibition seemed to interest the students greatly.


Still full of energy we ended our activities  with a walking tour, taking in Buckingham Palace, Parliament Square and Big Ben.  Thanks to all for the excellent company.

Mrs. Waters



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