Culture Day

International Culture Day

Last Saturday afternoon John Scottus NS hosted our first ever Culture Day and what a delightful event it turned out to be. Wonderful, marvellous, fabulous, are other adjectives that I have heard used. Essentially it was a fun filled afternoon and so enjoyable. Such generosity and sense of community pervaded the whole event. Perfect performances by both pupils and parents, comprehensive presentations, exotic costumes and such delicious foods from India, Iran, Japan, Italy, China, Ghana, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Dutch Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, Canada, USA, and Ireland!

While the parents, grandparents and children who prepared, served, presented and performed shone on the day: the organisers had beavered in the background for months prior to this. To Emily, Radhika, Joanna, Aradhana, Pavla ,Christina, Maruja go great gratitude and congratulations. To all the volunteers on the day: greeting at the gate, in the arts and crafts rooms, face painting, applying henna, and all the rest! To Michael the wonderful compere. To our considerate catering team who showed up to serve tea and coffee and more, on their day off. To the DJ. To parents who donated for the raffle. Serendipity prevailed on the day as one of our teachers won a beautiful painting donated by one of our parents. And last but not least to the Weather!

In essence to everyone who attended and contributed to the event on a sunny Saturday afternoon in March.

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