National Spring Clean Day


On Friday the 22nd of April all the children and teachers went out into our community for National Spring Clean Day. Junior Infants collected litter in the yard. Senior Infants collected litter on St Mary’s Road. 1st-6th Class collected litter along the River Dodder.

After 2 hours of picking up litter we filled ten and a half bags of rubbish.

The Dodder Action Group who facilitated this cleaning venture were so impressed with all the children and the work they did.

Cori –  one of the members of the Dodder Action Group wrote to us here in the school to tell us how happy he was with our contribution.

Students and Teachers of John Scottus School,

Thank you so much for your help in making the Dodder a beautiful place with us today. I hope someday everyone in Dublin can be as excited about keeping the river clean and healthy.
I was very impressed to see how well each class worked together, how well everyone listened to and followed directions, and how everyone made sure to keep each other safe around the nettles and brambles.
I trust that everyone learned something new about the plants and animals of the river at your nature talk, and I hope you all had as much fun as I did digging out the rubbish left behind by others not so thoughtful as you. 
I’ve included a photo of the bags collected by all three groups so you can all see what a difference you’ve made with just a little bit of teamwork on a sunny morning. 
Thanks again, and we’ll see you on the river!

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