Pals at Gallipolli


Third Year History Outing to Pals: The Irish at Gallipolli pictured with Mrs Waters and Lar Joye Curator of Irish Military History at NMI.

Four Pals leaving for the War

On Thursday 3rd year History class took a trip to see the Anu Production Pals: The Irish at Gallipolli. We were guests of Lar Joye a parent of two pupils in JS Primary and also Curator of the brilliant Soldiers & Chiefs exhibition at Collins Barracks.

Beg, borrow or steal a ticket to see Pals; it’s deeply moving, gripping immersive theatre. Read the IT review here.

3rd years were all captivated by the story, the acting and the setting. Their teacher wrote “An amazing experience. I really believed I was in Gallipoli. I wish my History class were as attentive as this all the time! ”
Click Here for responses of the Class

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