Connection between teacher and pupil

We value building and maintaining strong relationships between the teacher and pupil. This involves connecting with the child and developing a real understanding of their nature, qualities and tendencies. This relationship is formed and nurtured through many practices including  greeting each child openly and warmly each morning.

Direct teaching and exploration of life virtues

We believe in the importance of teaching children the virtues, which are taught through stories, discussion and arts & crafts. We invite children to explore them practically in their own lives and are given opportunities to share their experiences. See more

Harnessing The Power of Attention

Children, from as young as three, are encouraged to engage with the practice of attention. They explore the power of connecting in the present moment when playing, writing, speaking, listening, running or pausing. We encourage our children to ‘let their light shine’, to always do their best and to be confident that this effort will sow the seeds of excellence and will help uncover their particular aptitude. We aim to deliver quality learning without pressure. The children are encouraged to ‘meet the need’, which further develops the children’s power of attention and allows them to practise being independent – while engaging with other people and in their approach to school work.

Inner Stillness and Connection with the Present Moment

The children are invited to engage in daily practices of stillness. We believe by giving the children tools to help diminish the ‘noise’ in their heads we are empowering them to harness their full inner strength. We do this through 3 main practices:

  • Before and after each lesson the children are invited to close their eyes and become physically still. We encourage them to connect with one of their senses or their breathing in order to calm their mind and come back to their true selves.
  • The children are encouraged to join in with daily chanting of Universal Sanskrit prayers. The pure, phonetic sound of these prayers and their devotional meaning acts as a verbal sung meditation. The children connect with the sound and access their inner stillness by calming the activity in their mind.
  • The children at our school are given daily opportunity to spend time and have fun in Nature. Children are naturally connected to nature and we believe in fostering and nurturing this connection. Being in our wooded garden, climbing trees, digging in the earth etc. are all encouraged as these engagements activate the children’s senses and ignites their awe and wonder for the world around them.
 Learning and Reciting Words of Wisdom

We believe in exposing the children to rich, inspirational recitations. The children are invited to join in and learn texts, speeches and poetry that challenge and enrich their speech. The practise and memorization of powerful passages by the children, taken from rich traditions, not only develops their skills of rhetoric but also allows them to absorb the wisdom of these texts so that they may have reference to them throughout their life

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