Each day pupils engage with uplifting, inspiring and nourishing literature (including stories, songs and poetry) that promote moral values and strong character. Pupils are supported in practicing the virtues including kindness, courtesy, confidence, perseverance, fearlessness gratitude and are given lots of opportunities to explore and share their experiences.

Children from as young as three, are encouraged to engage with the practice of attention. Children explore the power of connecting in the present moment with the task at hand. This may be in playing, writing, speaking, listening, running or pausing. Children have lots of opportunities to share their experiences, to discover what obstacles get in their way and to identify helpful strategies. If children can harness the power of attention it will serve them as lifelong learners and also at a deeper spiritual level will allow them to break free from the chains of routine thought distractions. There is huge personal freedom to be gained from practising attention.

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