An interview with social researcher Anne Thyssen Vestergaard (Osvaldo’s mum!)

Q: “What is social inequality?”

A: “Social inequality can be many things, for instance the level of social mobility-”

Q: “Wait, what is social mobility?”

A: “It is an individual’s ability to influence their own life course.”

Q: “OK, please continue.”

A: “So, in a society with low social mobility a child will usually end up in a similar position to their parents.”

Q: “Thanks, how can we fight inequality?”

A: “One way to reduce inequality is free further education for all. An example is university and free health care for all.

”Q: “OK, but how can we do it on primary school level?”

A: “I think it is very important that children are mixed in schools i.e. that children from different backgrounds become friends and classmates.”

Q: “Do you have some final words of wisdom?”

A: “Yes, treat all people the same no matter if they are royal or live on the street, we are all worth the same.”

Q: “Thank you for your time, goodbye!”

A: “Goodbye – be good to each other.”

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