What’s happening here and now?

Transition Year’s Science Experiments

Some transition year students come every Monday to teach senior primary new things like how boats float. We enjoy their visits, their time and their knowledge.

New Gravel

One Saturday, a few parents met the need and put new gravel in front of the school area. This helps keep the classroom clean and makes it a lot easier on the cleaner! Thank you parents!


Postman Fergus came on the 1st of December and he came to talk to each of the classes. Also, an important school inspection happened on the 6th of December. On the 7th of December there was an Open Event for parents interested in sending their child to John Scottus and our French pen pals school teacher is visiting us on the 19th of December!

Back Garden & Pitch

The front garden became too muddy. Because of this, all primary school had to move to the back for both breaks. In related terms, senior primary use the astro-pitch every Wednesday and Friday, well it has been cancelled this week due to ice and frost. We are playing there until the front gets dryer and the pitch gets defrosted.

Christmas Walk

A christmas walk was been planed by  take place on Friday 16th December at 1.30pm 

Tok, tok! Guys, wake up! Christmas is already here!

Santa told me to ask you a question…

Do you remember the Halloween Walk? Well, Sofia B is an angel and she came from heaven with an idea. There is going to be a Christmas Walk on the Friday 16th of December.

 Who is coming???


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